Bed Bug Remediation

Cryonite Control System

Paragon Shield employs a pesticide free Bed Bug remediation program. Our Cryonite method is based on rapid cooling of insects to a very low temperature (-108F, -78C), freezing them with carbon dioxide snow. The Cryonite snow has an exceptional cooling capability. As the method is physical, this also separates it from the usual chemical-based methods.

Cryonite is an environmentally friendly solution that freezes bed bugs and other insects. Cryonite can be used anywhere, including hotels, food establishments, hospitals and schools. Cryonite is by its very nature environmental friendly and hygienic. As the carbon dioxide used is a residue taken from industrial processes, Cryonite adds no carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is non-toxic and non-allergenic.

Paragon Shield

Defence System

Paragon Shield uses a multidisciplinary approach to combating bed bug infestations. While our Cryonite Control System is our primary defense mechanism, other insectiside free control methods cannot be ruled out. Preventative measures and migration mitigation such as installing bed bug proof mattress covers and pillow covers in all bedrooms. Installing Interceptors underneath furniture legs. All these approaches, and more, make up the Paragon Shield Defense System.

Residential Services

Bed bugs in your home? Paragon Shield offers control programs tailored to residential infestation's. Click here for our residential control program.

Commercial Services

Bed bugs in your place of business? Hotel's, food establishments, hospitals? Paragon Shield provides expedited service to our commercial clients.



Here at Paragon Shield, we understand the need for privacy. We only drive in unmarked vehicles, never make a big show unloading our equipment. We never share any of your infestation details with the neighbors. We understand the need for privacy from both residential and commercial clients. We offer "After Midnight" service to our clients who demand the utmost confidentiality.