The Cryonite Method

Active Remediation

What is Cryonite

Cryonite is an all natural method of killing insects and bugs in all stages of life. Compressing CO2 gas into a solid state, and spraying with direct contact, kills immediately. Solid state CO2 has a temperature of -110F and has the consistency comparable to “light fluffy snow”.

CO2 Snow

How does it work

Cryonite emits solid state CO2, which is known as Dry Ice. The initial temperature is -110F. A solid that cold will pull heat from its surroundings in the attempt to normalize itself with the ambient room temperature. When Cryonite is sprayed onto a small insect the rapid heat transfer will instantly kill the insect.

Dry ice sublimates from a solid to a gas, leaving no liquid residue or staining. It can be sprayed directly into electronics (provided they are powered down) with no adverse effects.

Sublimation (Phase Transition): The transition of a substance directly from the solid phase to the gas phase without passing through an intermediate liquid phase.


Cryonite vs Insecticide

Insecticides are currently the industry standard for removing insects. Insecticides are mostly effective, but there is a delicate balance that must be achieved. The EPA has set standards controlling insecticides. Basically insecticides are a man made chemical cocktail designed to kill insects and other pests, but if used improperly can injure, maim, or kill humans who come in contact with them. Leaving toxic residues for months or even years. The more powerful a insecticide is against insects, the more dangerous and potentially fatal to humans. The EPA has been imposing heavy restrictions on the insecticide industry, but the result has been less effective insecticides. Which is safer for humans and insects!

Because some over the counter insecticides are used so often and improperly some insects and bugs have become resistant to them. One example is bed bugs, if a bed bug were to survive a certain insecticide application and have offspring, a new strain of bed bug would emerge more resistant to that insecticide.

Cryonite Unit

Cryonite is an all natural method of destroying insects and small bugs by using Carbon Dioxide, a naturally occurring chemical compound. The benefit of using a natural compound over insecticides is tremendous. Since this compounds occur naturally no insect or bug can develop an immunity. No insect or bug can survive the shock or develop and immunity to -110F dry ice. The only danger presented in using Cryonite, is to the operator. If the dry ice were to come in contact with the operator, the skin would become severely burnt (similar to frost bite). Because the dry ice sublimates so quickly, there is no residue and no danger to anyone else.

The one benefit of insecticides is that one or two applications is usually sufficient to solve most infestations. Remember that the residue is also dangerous to people, especially children. The Cryonite method has no residue and must be applied directly to the pest and multiple applications are required.

Most insecticides are designed to target one species of insect and an application of a second or third insecticide to target additional species would incur additional fees. The Cryonite Method indiscriminately targets all small insects and bugs. A Cryonite application targeting bedbugs, would also destroy any ants, spiders, fleas, cockroaches, dust mites (to name a few) in any of their life's stages.

Health Concerns

Using Cryonite in Commercial or Residential applications presents no short term or long term health concerns. A natural product, Carbon Dioxide is used. CO2 is exhaled in the breath of humans and land animals, and is absorbed by plants and trees.

The Cryonite Method uses only food grade CO2, the same grade that is used in fountain drinks and other carbonated beverages which people digest frequently.

The health concerns of a insecticide application should also be considered when making a choice between the Cryonite Method or an industry standard insecticide application.

Cost vs Benefit Analysis

It will cost more than a insecticides application, although every situation is different, many factors are involved in determining a price. The number of applications required to guarantee successful removal of the infestation. Additional insectiside free methods required in addition to using Cryonite.

Cryonite is environmentally safe and neutral. There is no toxic residue, unlike insecticides. After treatment, rooms can be reoccupied immediately. There are no health risks associated with the use of Cryonite, unlike insecticides.