Prevention Methods

Passive Remediation

In addition to the Cryonite Method, our Prevention Methods are a crucial part of our Control Program.

Mattress and Pillow Covers

After the Initial Cryonite Application, bed bug proof mattress and pillow cover should be installed. Paragon Shield carries a full line of bed bug bedding solutions. The BugStop mattress covers, pillow encasement's and bed bug box spring covers are all lab-certified bed bug proof.

All of our bed bug mattress covers are made from a poly knit soft fabric, and offer a 3-sided zipper with tiny teeth, an inside backing that keeps bugs inside or out (even if the zipper pulls open slightly) and the patented BugStop Seal; locking out all bed bugs. They have been lab tested using live bed bugs and our results prove that bed bugs nor their eggs will not be able to pass or bite through the fabric, let alone escape through the patented zippered closure. No Crinkle! BugStop products are also completely noiseless unlike many of the other like products available from other companies.

Not only are our mattress covers completely effective for Bed Bug Control, they are waterproof, allergen proof, dust mite proof, quiet, soft and completely breathable!

Bed Bug Laundry Bags

Paragon Shield laundry bags are perfect for washing bed bug infested clothing! No more worrying about disposal of the infested garbage or laundry bag. They are water soluble, dissolvable and bio-degradable.

These laundry bags play an important role in reducing the spread of bed bugs in your home when you wash infected clothes and linens.


The Interceptors are installed under each leg of the bed or furniture allowing us to monitor bed bug activity by catching the bed bugs as the attempt to climb up your furniture legs or when they leave the host furniture. Interceptors are a crucial part of our Post Infection Monitoring.