Paragon Shield Control Program


An high level overview of our standard residential control program is detailed below


A visual inspection around the home. Beds and furniture are thoroughly inspected. The Cryonite method may be used at this stage to help protect the operators. The inspection's purpose is to identify the level of the infection or if an infestation is even present. Some overnight detection methods may be employed to assist in quantifying the infection.


The preparation is a very important step in this remediation process. The home owner will be informed in detail of what they will be expected to do. Washing of clothes, bed sheets and pillow cases. How to keep your vehicles from infection. Stopping the infection transfer to friends and family.

Initial Cryonite Application

The first Cryonite application entails spraying every square inch infected items and potentially infected items. Nothing is left to chance. This application may be done twice in the same day depending on the scale of the infection. Redundancy is essential to effective remediation.

Preventative Measures

Bed bug proof mattress and pillow covers should be installed. Some conditions of the warranty will be based on what the home owner decides to do at this juncture. Paragon Shield offers mattress and pillow covers to our customers at a near wholesale rates. Interceptors will be installed on each bed and infected furniture. Interceptors are designed to gauge the infection level by capturing bed bugs as they travel.

Additional Cryonite Applications

Additional Cryonite applications will be applied as needed until the infestation is gone. The subsequent applications will be faster and preventative measures will be updated if needed.

Post Infection Inspection

After the remediation has been successful, a thorough inspection of the the entire house will be conducted. Preventative measures will be updated as needed. Interceptors will remain installed for 30-60 days after the post infection inspection.

Active Monitoring

Active monitoring will continue bi-monthly or as arranged, for 6-9 months after the last Cryonite application. This step is important, if a resurgence of bed bugs was to occur the Active Monitoring would catch it before it became a problem.